In addition to being a musician himself, Rockin' Rich Lynch is a music journalist and a renowned supporter of the independent artist. Today, he is still thrilled to discover amazing acts worthy of promotion and he will tell you all about them here on the Rockin' Rich Lynch Music Feed!!!

• Nashville's The Narrative get back to their musical calling after a decade-long hiatus with a timely response to the dystopian madness that has descended upon the world these past three and a half years. "New Anxieties" - the first track off their new upcoming EP - provides a chill and soothing reprieve from all those worries with a new self produced sound that represents the best that Music City has to offer. We could listen to this all day and we can't wait to see what this worthy duo has to say next!!!

Wilson Getchell is the front man of the eclectic rock band Thirsty Curses and he has just released his compelling debut solo EP, This To That. The five songs on the record showcase Getchell's songwriting talents and musical versatility as they run the spectrum from seriously sophisticated ("This Just Might Take Some Time") to courageously silly songcraft ("Brand New Nintendo") all backed by a meaningful expert musical palette complete with sultry sax and passionate piano. You're going wanting to pay attention to this one!!!

• There is something warm, fuzzy and familiar about Waking Bear - Olympia, WA's positive vibe, Indie/Alt rock/pop band. One listen to their brand-new excellent Talked with the Galaxy 6-song EP will reveal exactly why the stars are aligning for this quality quintet who have already racked up over 275K streams worldwide across all platforms for their efforts. No time to hibernate!


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