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Rockin' Rich Lynch has discovered the secret to financing his upcoming musical projects. Our Artist Patrons and Executive Producers have created an exclusive zone of some of the music industry's finest personalities and loyal fans.

By becoming an Artist Patron and Executive Producer our dearest fans and friends are putting their support on the line and receiving valuable recognition in return.

Become a Patron through the PAYPAL button and you will receive permanent multiple mentions and links directly from our individual song pages.

$25.00 / Permanent Multi-Page Link

Choose From Our Catalogue of Songs to Sponsor: We offer Patronage on a select song or two at a time.

• "The Talk of the Town" - (Released in July 2020).

Then Send Us:
• Choose one song from the above list that you would like Patronage status on.
• Your Name or Organization name for listing.
• The web link/URL to use with your listing
• Send all that information to us at >> soundpress@yahoo.com
• Your link stays live for the life of these pages!

• An extensive welcoming and thank you with a link via a variety of social media platforms.
• Your name/bandname and link permanently placed on multiple song pages including our top streaming and video platform.
• Repeated mentions in promotional and marketing materials during this ongoing campaign.

• Think of this program as an effective "out of the box" alternative way to spend your advertising dollar that helps a fellow musician in the process. We promise a "win-win" experience!

The Talk of the Town on RLB.com
The Talk of the Town on RRL.com
The Talk of the Town on BC.com
The Talk of the Town on YT.com

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